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So two weeks into this little project, I've lost 3 pounds. Nothing substantial, but I'm hoping to keep a slow and steady progress. Also, in about 15 minutes, I'm going grocery shopping for the first time in months! Woo hoo! That should definitely help a change in my eating habits. I'm also thinking about joining the bootcampsf program in Golden Gate Park to help get my body going. (www.bootcampsf.com) If any one else lives in the area and wants to do it with me, let me know!
I'm hoping to start doing better this week because I think my head cold/sore throat/black lung is on its way out. I've been trying to drink more water, and this week I need to get back to eating Lean Cuisines for lunch. Because of my sore throat, it felt better to eat soups, etc. last week.

Also - I'll have a real life workout partner...my best friend just got engaged this past weekend, told me tonight that I'm her maid of honor, and both of us are like "Oh crap! We gotta lose weight! We need to fit into dresses in a year and a half!" Haha. So we're going to be working out more together.

How's everyone else doing?

Days 1 & 2

Well, my first two days for this did not go as I'd planned. I woke up both mornings with a killer sore throat and just feeling crappy in general. When my throat hurts, I often eat stuff that feels good on it.

Day One
Nothing for breakfast, I believe. I had a leftover bratwurst with saurkraut, Flat Earth Veggie Chips, and a Jell-O cup for lunch. I was so tired that I caved and tried to buy a Mountain Dew, but God apparently wants me to stick to my "no pop" thing and the machine was out. For dinner, I had shrimp & artichoke pasta and garlic bread. My throat was hurting, so I got a Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. (Yum!)

No exercise, but I did take dinners to my co-worker who just had a baby, and my mom's co-worker whose parents are both really ill, so does good karma work too? ;)

Day Two
So...for breakfast I had 1/2 a PB&J, and then for lunch I had a big ol' bowl of homemade chicken & noodles and a butterscotch pudding. And...I've probably had about 4 cups of hot organic green tea. Right now for dinner, since I'm still at work, I'm eating a leftover rib tip and some Flat Earth Veggie Chips.

So actually, I guess it's not as bad as I thought, but it's a lot of comfort food. And definitely no exercise except for walking around the office to meetings and such. My aunt called me last night and wants to start walking a few evenings a week, and I'd like to set at least 3 days a week to do my exercise ball workout video.

I haven't weighed myself recently, or measured myself since June/July, so maybe I'll do that in the next few days and put up what I was at the beginning of the summer, and now, to compare to.

Day One and I'm a Trainwreck!

So new friends, I've already messed up on this whole being healthy thing. Luckily I've got enough time to try and recover.

The day started off well. I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I've been fighting a vicious sickness, so I always try to eat something substantial so I can take all of my drugs in an attempt to get healthy. Went to job #1 at the insurance company, had half of a Turkey and Swiss Sandwich for lunch( from Safeway, so it was a big half), went to the pool, skipped the workout portion but was still in the water with the kids for 3 hours. Had a bean and cheese mini-burrito (it's a kid's size at high-tech) with a few chips and quacamole. I was really proud of myself for not having soda the entire day! I normally have atleast one, if not two.

Then, it all went down hill. I went to work at the bar, ended up having 2 Stellas, a shot, and by 11:00pm, a slice of the greasiest pizza I had ever seen in my entire life. But, it was oh so good.

Sigh. Hopefully today goes better. I had a coldbuster jamba for breakfast, as I am still fighting the cold/flu thing, and will probably have some sort of chicken salad for lunch. I'm forcing myself to workout today, and I have no bar plans this evening, so I can be a good kid. :)

I need to pack healthy snacks throughout the day as well. Because I'm on a lot of cold meds, I'm not as hungry as I normally am, but as soon as I'm healthy I'm sure my body with need more.

Day One

So Day One started off normally: My alarm first went off at 6:30 a.m., but I continually hit the "snooze" button until 6:51, wherein I finally decided to get my ass up and ready for work. I ate some Multi-Grain Cheerios (because they're tasty!), practically ran through the shower (I didn't even shave -- sexy!), threw on some clothes, and drove to work.

I brought some cold ziti and red sauce with me for lunch, and I ate that outside in the college courtyard while reading Volume 2 of Preacher. Why did I not read this comic series sooner?!? It seriously owns my soul (heehee!).

Once work ended, I drove home to change into more exercise-friendly clothing, skim through personal e-mails, and chomp down on some multi-grain Wheat Thins. I like to try to put something in my stomach before working out, because it gives my body something to process so I don't have a massive blood-sugar crash (I'm borderline hypoglycemic). I then drove the roughly five minutes to my new gym for my first-day signup.

And can I just say that the questions those fuckers asked on the payment-plan sheet were just a bit intrusive? I understand that they want to be sure they're paid on time, but asking for a credit reference and three personal references just seems a bit steep. I neglected to share some information, simply because it's none of their goddamn business. But at least, after some finagling and mentions of "Oh, I saw this special deal offered online," it's costing me $27 per month. It's certainly not terrible, but I was spoiled by my university's alumnus deal of $60 for a year.

I couldn't yet meet with a personal trainer for a "personalized exercise regimen," but I did get my weight, measurements, BMI, etc. I have zero shame about fitness, so I'll share my numbers with you all (no need to reciprocate):

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 162.2 pounds (So maybe my doctor's scale lied? Just last week it said I was 155. Pffft.)
Body fat: 27.6% (According to the American Council for Exercise, this is within the "acceptable" range for a woman.)
BMI: 24.6
Dress size: 10

Shoulders: 43"
Bust/chest: 35"
Waist: 35" (This is just inconceivable, by the way. I am not, in fact, shaped like a box. My waist is significantly higher than my bellybutton, which is where they measure the waist at, and so pants in the '80s and '90s made me hate my high waist with a vengeance.)
Arms/biceps: 11.25"
Hips: 37.5"
Thighs: 22.75"
Calf: 15"

Since I didn't want to go overboard and make me curse my own name tomorrow, I just focused on my abs and back/biceps today with the weight machines and the Roman chair. Seriously, the Roman chair is my most favorite piece of equipment EVAR. (For some idiotic reason, many folks seem to think the Roman chair is the captain's chair or leg-lift tower.)

After a solid starting workout, I treated myself to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (called Souplantation over on the West Coast), that salad-bar of awesomeness.


ready, set...

Okay, ladies. . .everybody ready?

I'm totally not. I've been really good about not having Diet Coke, but with the boy home all weekend I consumed more In&Out than any one person ever should. Which is how it always is when people from out of state come to visit me, LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a general "here we go" post to remind everyone that today is our starting day and round one will continue through December 13.

Oh, we still haven't decided on an amount per person for the prize.

What does everyone feel comfortable contributing?

10, 15 or 20 dollars?

There's no rush on this, obviously.

Good luck, everyone! :]
Name/Age: Kimberly / 27 (It's the new 17.)

Occupation: High School Latin Teacher

Tell me your weight loss woes: I was on the top side of healthy weight and quite content to be so until I went to college, when I fell prey to clinical depression, stopped eating, tricked my body into thinking it was starving, lost 15 or so lbs, then put on over 50, thanks slow metabolism and antidepressants! I switched meds and dropped 10 lbs right away, which motivated me to try dropping more, and in the end got down to 46 lbs lower than my highest weight, which was about 10 lbs heavier than my high school weight. Not too horrendous. But in the past 4 years I have gotten back up to my highest weight. And more than the number on the scale, I sometimes don't like the way I look.

Tell me your weight loss goals: I blame it on my metabolism woes, but my weight does not seem to change following any logical pattern, so I am looking more to do the right things and accept that, than to get ideal results. (The ideal results would be nice but I can't let myself get down if they don't come.) So my goals are to DO THE RIGHT THING, and to feel better about myself as quickly as possible. I'm getting married in July, and I would like to feel as beautiful as all my loved ones will tell me I am.

Okay, that all sounds great, but how are you going to do it?: I'm going to eat balanced meals (which I generally do, this horrendous week aside) and snacks, and utilize some of the many exercise resources at my disposal: apartment complex gym, plenty of good outdoor walking spots locally, 2 exercise DVDs, 3 different versions of DDR... Unfortunately there's not one bad habit I can really quit and see quick results, except for drinking less Coke. I have the caffeine problem, and have tried limiting myself to only 8 oz a day with some success but I fall back into the habit of drinking it for my only beverage. So, I'll be keeping an eye on that.

Enemies closer -- what's going to hinder your progress?: My insane sweet tooth, my caffeine addiction that keeps me on the soda (coffee upsets my stomach so I can't drink it), and the initial hump I experience getting up the energy to exercise. I know I'll be more energetic if I exercise, but starting is the hardest part. Teaching is not what you'd call a low-energy job.

Oct. 9th, 2008

Introducing.. ME!
Name/Age: Kyle (of the female variety) / 26, going on 27 in December; I don't wanna talk about it.

Occupation: freshman veterinary student extraordinaire (GO GATORS!)

Tell me your weight loss woes: I've always been fat. (Big boned, whatever.) I started Weight Watchers for the first time in 2003 and lost 70lbs. I gained 50 of it back, then lost 10 of those 50 in 2008. So if you don't like math, I'm currently 30lbs down from my highest weight but have a long, long way to go. I am the queen of yo-yo land.

Okay, that all sounds great, but how are you going to do it?: I'm going to stop counting points like a maniac and simply focus on eating HEALTHY FOODS. (I might stick with WW but switch from Flex plan to Core plan, idk.) I'm in love/hate with Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, so I'm going to try to really stick with that daily. If I'm feeling particularly beaten down, then I'll do Winsor Pilates instead, haha.

Enemies closer -- what's going to hinder your progress?: Being a foodie. I am such a sucker for fine dining, it's disgusting. I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE it. It TASTES GOOD. It is involved in nearly every social situation one can think of! And not only that, but this little thing called vet school tends to get in the way. I can barely find 5 minutes to sleep, let alone prepare healthy meals. It's so much easier to just hit the drive-thru, you know? I'm hoping to get back into a groove of cooking on Sunday nights for the whole week, and incorporating frozen meals (but not too many, because I get bored of those and supplement with unhealthy things.) And don't even get me started on portion control..

I love the idea of ponying up some cash for a prize. Nothing motivates me like the urge to WIN. lol
Name/Age: Barbara/22

Occupation: I work in video/television production at my local state university.

Tell me your weight loss woes: I hit puberty and developed a lot faster than all the other girls, so I was the only 5th grader with boobs and her period. I pretty much have not grown height-wise since the 7th grade. I naturally have a curvy figure, but I started buying a lot of the chips and Little Debbie snacks in middle school and it has kind of worsened from there. I lost a lot of weight my junior year of high school after a bad break-up but then gained it all back (and more) in college. I've always wanted to get back to where I was at the end of high school (which was a size 12/14), or even lose more, but I suffered depression partway through college and just never got around to it. Laying around watching Gilmore Girls and Buffy while eating brownies and Cheetos does not exactly do wonderous things for one's figure.

Tell me your weight loss goals: I actually got really sick last Christmas and lost 20 pounds, which kind of motivated me to lose more. After graduating in May, I set a new "healthy lifestyle" for myself and set a goal weight to be at next year. So far, I have lost 20 more pounds and 2 jean sizes this summer. I would like to start exercising more. I was working out at the Y several times a week, but then I started my new job and the exercise kind of ended. I would love to be able to put on my American Eagle skinny jeans from high school that I still have in my closet. So it's my goal to fit into those, and just be a healthier and more active person. I hate my arms, I haven't worn a swimsuit since high school, and I know a few of my close friends will start getting married in the next couple years. I want to look great at their weddings.

Okay, that all sounds great, but how are you going to do it?: I have still been eating right (it helps that I have a crush and my stomach is such a ball of knots usually that I can't eat much) - a health bar in the morning for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine and yogurt for lunch, and then whatever my parents are eating for dinner in small portions. If I want sweets, I have Weight Watchers ice cream bars. I have recently bought a 10-Minute Workout video to use on my exercise ball, and I want to start doing that next week when we start our challenge. I canceled my Y membership just because it's clear across town - but we have a treadmill at home, subdivisions to walk around in, and I have a bunch of exercise stuff (like free weights, the ball, Pilates mat, etc.) to use. I would like to make a routine for myself so that I can get in shape while I'm losing weight.

Enemies closer -- what's going to hinder your progress?: Me just being lazy. I know I can lose the weight easily if I just set my mind to it. Whenever I eat healthy for a while, or get sick, or actually try, the weight just falls off. My parents and family have been super supportive about it. My mom and I set weight loss goals - for every 20 pounds I lose, she will treat me to something, and when I reach my goal weight, she'll take me shopping for new clothes. I work a full-time job and by the time I get home, I'm just so tired and would rather watch a movie or screw around on the internet than work out. So I'm going to have to kick my butt in gear. I've actually lost a lot of my bad habits over the course of the summer since I've been doing my own weight loss plan, but I hope that having this group will help me be more pro-active about exercising and not slack off as much. This will motivate me to do more!

And now my basic info...

I'm all for percentage of pounds lost. Should we post our initial weights or BMIs, or is that a little too much shared information?

Name/Age: Jessica/25 (but turning 26 two days after the challenge begins, if we start it on Oct. 13).

Occupation: English/grammar tutor at a community college by day, bartender/server by night.

Tell me your weight loss woes: I used to be, essentially, a lollipop -- just a head on a tiny stick. I actually hated it, because I had no boobs and just no curves to speak of. I couldn't even have a regular period because I didn't have enought body fat to produce the correct amount of hormones. Once I entered college, I decided to go on the pill. It immediately put 10 pounds of fat on me so that I could then produce the proper hormones. Yay, boobs! But then, as my lifestyle changed to less active and more lazy college student, I continued to gain weight here and there. I never got huge or anything like that -- the largest I've ever been is a size 12 (unless you find an evil store that makes their sizes in millimeters). I just do feel a little dumpy sometimes. My work week can be rather hectic, though, so finding a regular eating and exercising schedule is challenging. Sometimes I eat maybe one and a half meals in a day, or sometimes I'll eat the proper three. Whatever it is, I know it ain't healthy.

Tell me your weight loss goals: My arms could be more toned, my belly could be flatter, and my ass could be less cellulite-y. I'd like to get a little trimmed up for a friend's wedding in November, and it wouldn't hurt to be super-duper-sexy for my anniversary in January. No matter what my weight, though, I do have an unfortunate double-chin waddle THING that is ever-present. Seriously. Zero body fat in high school, with a waddle? Nature's cruelty, I tell you.

Okay, that all sounds great, but how are you going to do it?: 1) First off, stop running to Wendy's between jobs. Junior bacon cheeseburgers may be tasty, cheap, and quick, but they're not exactly brimming with healthy ingredients. 2) I'll pack more sensible snacks for when I go to tutor, like apples and oranges and grapes, than run down to the campus convenience store for a snack. 3) I just did the Susan G. Komen 5K this past weekend, and I got a coupon for a free week at Shapes Total Fitness for Women. There's a gym just down the road from me, and their hours seem to be rather nice. Apparently, one's first visit includes a session with a personal trainer and that pesky measuring tape. I used to weightlift as a goofy hobby in high school, and I love the power I feel doing it, so I'll talk with a trainer about a good shape-up routine that utilizes machines and free weights. 4) For cardio, my brother and I want to set up regular jump-rope sessions together.

Enemies closer -- what's going to hinder your progress?: First off, I have scoliosis. It's not a horrifying case wherein I must wear a brace, but it can affect various parts of my body negatively. I have a bad left knee due to a misalignment of my hips that causes my femur and kneecap to rub together in a very wrong way, so ligaments in that knee are a bit.... well, not all there. Fun times! I also *heart* booze. I've been drinking beer more and more over the past year, but if I have to drink myself silly, I'll just have to go back to my old standby of vodka (fewer calories!). I also have a different work schedule every week, so I can't necessarily set up a regular evening routine after tutoring, because I might have to be at the bar on a particular night. In addition, I'm only just starting to get that silly thing called money back into my bank account on a regular basis, so spending a little extra to buy organic products still makes me twitch a little. Also? I like having a nice lazy day watching bad movies sometimes.